Kitchen Removals In Sydney


You’d be forgiven if your first thought when deciding to renovate your kitchen was where to source your new kitchen from, but what about the removal of your old kitchen? What if we told you that instead of charging you for Kitchen Removals in Sydney, we may actually pay you?*

Most kitchen installation companies will charge you for the removal of your old kitchen, then simply send it to become landfill – regardless of the condition it was in! Not only would there be a monetary cost involved for Kitchen Removals in Sydney, but a large and often unseen environmental cost that will be payable by future generations. 

We know it is completely unnecessary for you to be charged for Kitchen Removals in Sydney, only to have what could be the perfect kitchen for someone else be discarded. One Stop Kitchens offer free Kitchen Removals in Sydney if your kitchen qualifies for it. As an added bonus, One Stop Kitchens employ qualified plumbers and electricians to ensure the removal and re-fit of your kitchen is done professionally and to our high standards.

One Stop Kitchens have a strong focus on sustainability and recycling kitchens, as a large number of kitchen renovations are carried out on an otherwise functional and presentable kitchen – with the majority never being given the option to recycle or on-sell the cabinetry and appliances. 

If you’re in need of Kitchen Removals in Sydney contact One Stop Kitchens today on 0447 571 888 for a no-obligation, free quote on your kitchen renovation.