Second Hand Kitchens for Sale


At One Stop Kitchen removals, we sell entire second hand kitchens.

We don’t sell parts of kitchens, like individual appliances, as you get more value purchasing a whole kitchen that fits together. For example, if you just bought a set of cabinets alone you would then have to track down a stovetop, oven and more that fit. So we take kitchens out as a whole unit, and sell them as a whole unit on Ebay. Our aim is to have a complete process in place: removing kitchens, transporting them for people, and reselling them through our company.

Every few years, many people like to change their kitchens and do renovations, and new home buyers are also likely to replace the kitchen with something completely new. The kitchens we resell are sourced from all over Sydney and its outer regions. It is quite common for people to remove perfectly good kitchens that are worth thousands of dollars and have only been in for a few years.

The companies that sell new kitchens aren’t interested in preserving old kitchens, because you can take them out much faster if you completely destroy them. We take them out carefully and it takes time, but it means that the kitchens are preserved. About 80% of kitchens we remove are good enough quality to be sold.

Remember, whatever second hand kitchen you buy, it’s not going to fit exactly where you want it. That’s a job for a kitchen fitter. However, you’re still going to come out on top with the overall cost.

Consider this: A basic kitchen bought new today costs upwards of $20 000. However, if you buy direct from One Stop Kitchen removals, a top of the range kitchen including appliances is only about $4000. You can even get a whole kitchen with working appliances for $1000. These prices result in our customers travelling from all over to pick up a great deal on a cheaper kitchen.